Privacy Policy

I do not sell your information to other parties.

I do however use third party services to power my presence online.

  1. My Website is powered by WordPress, which uses COOKIES for certain features on their website. To read how they use their cookies, please visit their policy page here:
  2. My Newsletter is powered by Mailchimp, either you have subscribed directly to my newsletter there, or signed up to be added to it at one of my public appearances. I maintain the following information as you provided to me: name, email, and zip code so that I can send relevant newsletters to you. To read up on Mailchimp’s privacy policy please go here:
  3. My e-commerce platform is powered by SQUARE. If you have ever done a custom order, per my policy I must have your name, mailing address, email and phone number so I can contact you when it is ready. For some other credit/debit card transactions Square automatically stores some information, to read up on this please view their Privacy Policy here: