Exploring Palmer

I may have come for the Bluebells, but I was struck also by the American Basketflower that had gone to seed, catching it with the late day sun, everything was this golden glow with touches of tawny, and pale sunshine. All too often we think about the beauty of flowers in bloom, but there is beauty to be found even when they go to seed. When people were entirely dependent on flowers grown in season we saw these types of seeded flowers used in arrangements, it’s far less common today due to the abundance of greenhouse florists, or imported flowers.

The Bluebells were just past peak and some of them had already gone to seed, and others were beginning to do so, but still there were some lovely specimens. I found the color of the flower petals changed dramatically based on lighting, how open or closed the flowers were in their bloom cycle. Some of the flowers clearly had blue tones, with some violet, and others looked almost entirely purple.

But while I came for the flowers, I decided while I still had some light to go exploring, and chose to randomly turn down streets where I thought I might find something of interest. It was past dinner time on the weekend, so the main street area was deserted. I managed to grab shots of the water tower, and of the main street area. These shots while not nearly as glorious as the ones I managed to capture with the flowers, were evocative of yesteryear, and life far outside the city. So in it’s own way, it felt like a moment in time.


The Specifics

Off Interstate-45 around Palmer, Texas
Photos taken on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Texas Bluebell
American Basketflower gone to seed


Returning to Fredericksburg

One of my favorite spots to stop in the Texas Hillcountry during wildflower season is Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. They’re part event venue, part gift shop, part nursery, and part commercial grower of wildflowers. You’re always guaranteed some wildflower pictures here during the season, and they have some fields boxed in with walking paths beside them. Depending on when you stop by for a visit, you can be greeted with an array of poppies, bluebonnets, horsemint, sunflowers, black eyed susans and so much more! Populated with all sorts of wildflowers you can also find an array of pollinators on site from bees, butterflies, dragonflies and birds (including hummingbirds).

Nearby are an array of wineries, and I like to pop over to Das Peach Haus as it has some lovely space between the store front and the orchards used for event space including a pond and water lilies, some beautiful piney woods. Not to mention some great wines and peaches!